Indian Dwarf/Pea/BB Pufferfish (Carinotetraodon travancoricus): These fish may be small, but they make up for it with a huge personality. Dwarf puffers are one of the few species of fish that interact with their environment and owner. They will happily greet you as you approach the tank, and can even learn to be hand fed. Despite the needs of their larger cousins, dwarf pufferfish need to be kept in 100% freshwater. They cannot survive in a brackish environment, and their lives will be severely shortened if this is attempted. Dwarf puffers do best in a species only tank, as they are highly aggressive towards other tank inhabitants. These guys won’t hesitate to take a chunk out of a slower fish’s fins. Males will also fight fiercely, and its best to have one male per aquarium, or if the tank is large enough, one male per three to four females. Keep in mind, that dwarf puffers eat almost exclusively live and frozen foods. Very rarely will they accept flake or pellet food. If you supplement this as the fish’s staple diet, they can slowly starve to death. Small snails, shrimp, and types of worms are favorite puffer foods.

Max size: 1 inch

Minimum tank size: 5 gallons

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