Betta Fish (Betta Splendens): Almost everyone has owned a betta at some point in their life. Also known as Siamese fighting fish, Bettas are the iconic first pet, and it’s no doubt based on their stunning looks and ease of care. Bettas can be found in an endless array of colors, patterns, and fin types. Their small size and low bioload makes them an ideal candidate for a nano tank. But, despite their size, bettas have enormous personalities. They are one of the few fish that will interact with their owners, making them a lovable pet for young and old.

Male bettas should be kept singly. They aren’t called fighting fish for nothing. They enjoy having a tank all to themselves, and will patrol every inch of space like a king ruling his castle. However, less temperamental bettas may tolerate small, dull colored bottom dwelling fish in their domain, so long as they don’t pose a threat to the betta.

Female bettas can be housed in groups of 5 or more to form a sorority. Though, they too prefer to be alone.

Max size: 3 inches

Minimum tank size: Single male – 5 gallons. Female sorority – 10 gallons

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